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Life. Body. Balance.

A life and body in balance. The unattainable goal.
Life puts stress and pressure on us all. Whether it be the long hours in front of a computer or rigors of work and caring for a family, it all takes its toll on our body. Even the workout or physical activity we participate in contribute to an increase in stress and tension within our bodies.

Stretch Tonic and its staff of technicians are dedicated to helping you even the odds. Poor posture and continual stresses increase the body’s chance of injury and impairment. Utilizing the most effective method of stretching our technicians will help you complete the cycle of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility. Our technicians perform PNF stretches with the aide of modalities to increase joint range of motion. PNF stretching is the use of the stretch-contract principle developed in clinical rehabilitative environment.  This method allows you to bypass your set point and increase the flexibility for that muscle. Our technicians are educated, certified and trained in knowing the body and proper placement and force to achieve the most effective stretch.

Your program is just that – your program. Your experience begins with letting us know about you. All programs are designed with the individual in mind. Some people experience an imbalance due to posture. Program focus on the neck and upper back would help in balancing the body. Are your favorite activities or sports leading to back pain or leg soreness? Your program would focus on hamstring and hip flexibility would help bring the body in balance. Is there an injured area or chronic condition?  Those areas or condition will be considered and incorporated into your program. Your body in balance is our goal. An increase in your flexibility, balance and lowered risk of injury will be your results.

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